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During the summer of 2011 a few college buddies at Syracuse University took a break from their MBA studies. Even though they had gone to Syracuse U. on full scholarships, they endured the usual personal financial hardships experienced by many college students. Being young and broke they enjoyed the outdoors as best they could on the Finger Lakes in upstate New York. They went fishing.

For them, fishing seemed to be an effective way to capture all that nature had to offer and create lasting bonds. One thing they realized from the start – they were having fun. With borrowed fishing tackle and high-hopes for a successful catch they spent the time in between bites, near misses, and the one that got away discussing their dreams.

We strive to achieve Fueled By Innovation through novel concepts and ingenious designs.

We seek unprecedented cost effective ecommerce practices to directly market to consumers, cutting fishing tackle costs by 30% or more on average.

E=M2C is our equation. Eposeidon, our parent company, equals manufacturing directly to consumers.


If you’re in the market for high-quality sportfish gear, you’ve probably already encountered the challenges of sifting through endless listings to find the right fit. That’s where Sportfishgear comes in – a specialized online marketplace that caters exclusively to fishing enthusiasts. Visit our partner page here,

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